Solar Seal is a custom fabricator of architectural glass products. We can cut, edge, drill, fabricate (add notches, cutouts etc.), sandblast, temper, add spandrel to, and insulate glass products.

  •   1-800-225-0430 (MA)
  •   55 Bristol Drive, South Easton, MA


  •   1-888-657-8852 (VA)
  •   35 Venture Drive, Stafford, VA 





Solar Seal uses state of the art CNC (computerized numerical controlled) equipment to fabricate glass to exacting specifications. We are able to drill holes, notch cutouts, and polish a piece of glass all on one machine without touching the glass or the machine for tool changes. This gives us the ability to fabricate your glass into almost any shape with excellent precision.

To complete its fabrication line, Solar Seal offers an endless array of holes, cutouts, notches (all of which can be polished), as well as countersinks, fingerpulls, and a variety of edge types. We can complete your orders from sketches, rigid templates, or DXF files in a short amount of time. Solar Seal also offers all of the hardware necessary to install your glass projects.