Solar Seal is a custom fabricator of architectural glass products. We can cut, edge, drill, fabricate (add notches, cutouts etc.), sandblast, temper, add spandrel to, and insulate glass products.

  •   1-800-225-0430 (MA)
  •   55 Bristol Drive, South Easton, MA


  •   1-888-657-8852 (VA)
  •   35 Venture Drive, Stafford, VA 





Solar Seal has over 50 years of experience operating in the architectural glass fabrication industry, with capabilities including cutting, tempering, laminating and insulating. Solar Seal sells to both the new construction and remodel markets and are members of PPG’s Certified Fabricator® Program and Guardian’s SunGuard Select™ Fabricator Program.

Solar Seal is also a wholesale distributor of flat glass, mirrors and shower doors, while providing just-in-time cutting services and delivery to a diverse set of customers. Solar Seal serves the entire East Coast of the United States from its facility in South Easton, MA.

Solar Seal is a subsidiary of Consolidated Glass Holdings’ (CGH) Architectural Division, and CGH is an affiliate of Grey Mountain Partners. Consolidated Glass Holdings, Inc. is a fabricator and distributor of impact resistant glass, architectural glass, metals and specialty products for the commercial and residential building maintenance, renovation, and construction markets. Grey Mountain Partners stands alone as a private equity firm founded and organized around a single guiding principle: helping portfolio companies achieve operational excellence.

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